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05 January 2023

This is how you can manage change in relationships

When you met your other half, what was the story that got you together?

When you decided to set up your company or hired certain people to become part of it, what was the bit that made you decide 'these are the people I want to go on this journey with me?'

Each relationship has its' special 'get together' story which is unique and magical.

That's beautiful!

Until things change...

Parenthood, work/ career pressures, organisational merge, change of leadership. etc.

Any change forces a relationship to create a new story. The one that was there at the beginning may no longer apply or fit the new place.

Systems move from 'simple to more complex' entities, requiring adjustments and consideration as to how they would want the 'newly forming relationship/ system' look and feel like.

Most of the time, relationships (at home and work) just fall into this change without great awareness or thought about the impact this has on all involved including onself.

Any relationship that wants a chance to develop and thrive (not just survive), will need to make some conscious and intentional adjustments.

And here is the good news.

Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSCĀ©) has a great tool that can help with this issue exactly. Here is a snippet of how you can think and work through a challenge like this in your own life right now:

Think of such a relationship in your life that has changed:

1) Remind yourself - why did you get together?

2) Remember that it's only natural for people and relationships needs to change over time. This means that the relationship is ready to transition to something new. Something that can become richer than before.

Or perhaps it is in a place of completion. It had reached the boundaries of what it was set and able to do from the beginning.

3) What would you like to honour/ grieve about in the relationship that no longer feels the same?

4) How would you wish to see this relationship grow now that it's acknowledged that things need to change and the relationship is ready for newly shared experiences? What becomes possible from here?

Wishing everyone a year filled with opportunities and growth by putting a different lens on any current experienced challenges.

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