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05 December 2022

Helpful questions to reflect on your past year and the one coming

As we are fast approaching 2023, I look back reflecting on the year that had passed and what I wish for in the in-coming year.

Some suggested questions I invite those I work with, and your good selves to reflect on:

Looking back:
- How do you feel about the past year? (your highlights and lowlights) 

- How did you do on your most important priorities this past year? 

- How clearly does your actions and choices reflect those priorities? 

- What’s most important to you in your life right now?, What really matters to you?  

- What have you learned? 

Looking forward:
- What kind of person are you becoming?, What values do you want to live by? 

- Where do you want to be a year from now?, What do you need to do or learn to get there? 

- How can you be more intentional about living your values and fulfilling your wish in life? 

- What kind of support do you need from others and where will you find it? 

- What changes in your life do you need to implement this year?, What do you need and how will you make them happen?

- What are you doing to renew, reinvigorate, and reinvent yourself and your life?  

A one-hour's annual review indicating some clear actions - as small as those may be, can really set you on the right path for the coming year.

Will you invest in yourself, and protect only one hour before 2023 for some valuable self-reflection?

Enjoy. You might surprise yourself!

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